Copy accounts gmails of gphoto tool from a server to other server

In case you loadblancer with gphoto tool you will have many vps run gphoto code, so to save time when you add accounts to gphoto tool, you will add all accounts in 1 vps then copy accounts from the VPS to other VPS

After add account to tool in a VPS, please follow below steps. Login VPS just add accounts and run below command to export accounts data to files

cd /root
mysqldump --user=root --password=facebook --default-character-set=utf8 gphoto GoogleAccounts > GoogleAccounts.sql

After run, will have a file is GoogleAccounts.sql at folder /root , copy that file then upload to folder /root of others VPS

Now, login others VPS then run some below command to import data accounts into database

cd /root
mysql --user=root --password=facebook --default-character-set=utf8 gphoto < GoogleAccounts.sql

That is done! if you need any support please inbox me at conntact menu!