Create file google sheet to automatic add accounts into tool p2p drive, gphoto and smart backup drive

Adding an account to the above tools is a nightmare because it consumes a lot of your time, realizing that I made a tool that helps you to automatically add accounts to the tool p2p drive, gphoto and smart backup drive.

You need a google sheet file that is structured like the following file

With the tool GPhoto, you need set the FolderId of drive team is 1, and the other column is the gmail seller provided to you, here I note that the email column must have

With the tool P2P Drive or Smart Backup Drive, you need teamdrive, so FolderId of Drive Team column is the team drive id that you have added members, you can see details in this tutorial

After creating the file, please send me the link and ip of the vps setup tool. i will run tool to auto add accounts for you!