how to backup data of p2p drive tool

Data backup is essential and you should perform backups with any data of your movie website weekly, including some below data

  • Data movies
  • Data post
  • Data Streaming

For those of you who have purchased my P2P Drive Advanced tool, I have already written code + scripts to help you perform data backup of the tool in the easiest way.

Command backup data of tool p2p drive advaced is below

cd /root/p2pdrive

Wait for the backup process to finish, you will see the words “Your data backup is /”, so finish the backup process!

You should download the backup data file to your computer or store it somewhere that feels safest!

Command restore data backup of tool p2p drive

In the time of using the tool for a specific reason, you need to convert the server containing the tool, then it is necessary to restore the previously backed up data, now need to do 2 steps

Step 1: Put the file back up to the / server directory
Step 2: Run the commands below

cd /
cd p2pbackupdata
mv hlsbackup hls
mv hls /
mv minbackup min
mv min /
gunzip -k p2pdrive.backup.sql.gz
mysql --user=root --password=facebook p2pdrive < p2pdrive.backup.sql

Step 3: Restart tool p2p drive follow this instruction

That’s it, you need support, don’t be afraid to inbox me via contact menu!