How to download videos from openload, streamango, fembed, rapidvideo, okru to VanLong Stream’s tools

You need to take the following 2 steps to download the video from the above hosts, then you have to do the following 2 steps

Step 1: Get the link mp4 remote of the hosts on its embed link via the corresponding api

  • Fembed: http://ip:6789/fembed/getLinkStream?linkEmbed=
  • Openload:
  • Streamango:
  • RapidVideo
  • Okru:

Step 2: Insert the mp4 remote link in step 1 into the Mp4 Download Remote tool with the file name, follow the syntax below

  • link: is the urlencode value of link mp4 remote taken from step 1
  • name: is the name of the file you want to assign to this video

Specific examples: Download videos from the openload link
I have installed the tool on the demo 116,116,150.8, we will do the following steps:

Step 1: Get the link mp4 remote using the following api:

The result will look like this:

Step 2: Get the link from step 1, put it into the mp4 download tool like the following api:

As in api on file name is testopenloaddown

The following results:

Wait a minute, the list files tab will appear as follows

That’s it, who doesn’t understand, please inbox me!