How to security admin of VanLong Stream

Hi bro, today I teach you to configure security the admin page of VanLong Stream

This security class uses a key as the adminKey, which is configured at the Setting tab, as shown below. adminKey is any character string, it’s like that password

The adminKey key will be sent with any requests coming from the admin page, and on the server will check, if the same as the adminKey on the server, it will be able to retrieve the data, otherwise it will report an error.

On the server you need to enter the adminKey into the file /root/adminKey.txt then restart the tool is ok!

If the server does not have the file /root/adminKey.txt then you can use the following command to create and file and save the adminKey in it.

cd /root
echo your-admin-key > adminKey.txt

For tool have loadbalancer, if you want to secure admin, you must use the same value of adminKey at all slaves and also the loablancer, meaning that all VPS including slave and loadbalancer must have file /root/adminKey.txt and has the same value

That’s done! If you do not do it, it may be because you have not updated the code, please contact me via the contact section to get the update code!