How to using and restart loadbalcer of tool p2p drive advanced

For large systems, many visitors will need to use additional loadbalancer with the following model

  1. How to use admin and loadbalancer api

After I have installed for you, please follow the instructions below to use the loadbalcer of tool p2p drive advanced.

Access admin at the following address

Then fill your loadbalancer domain into 2 input boxes as shown below, remember to save!
Firt blue line is http://ip-load-balancer
Second blue line is https://your-domain-loadbalancer

Here, you can only use 2 tabs as List Files and Add DriveId (2 tabs you marked in the picture below), the other tabs can only be used for slaves, but not for loadbalancer

To add driveId to the loadbalancer system, you use the api add driveId with domain is the domain of loadbalancer, as I marked in the picture below

In the time of using, please remember to regularly visit the slaves and check the status of the accounts, if the account is dead remember add more!

2. How to restart the tool loadbalancer

Run the following commands to restart the tool

cd /root/loadbalancer