Photo HLS Streaming Tool

This is good streaming tool in the world use google drive because help you save many money, unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth


  • Use HLS Streaming and P2P technologies
  • Convert video from many source to google photo to streaming
  • Data stream store at google photo with unlimited storage
  • Video content is small png file, so google can not scan content to delete data
  • Use Google Photo Bandwidth
  • No DMCA
  • No die file
  • Protect link by limiting specific domains can be play
  • Can handle 4000 ccu/vps, with vps only 20$ per month
  • Support loadbalancer to handle unlimited traffic, 5.000 ccu, 10.000 ccu and more still work ok
  • Very fast convert file, 1 day can convert > 2K file
  • Many quality videos 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p
  • Support JWPlayer
  • Support popads and VAST, Banner, Popunder ADS
  • Fast load video
  • Fast setup, about 15 min you will can use it
  • Support auto add accounts, no need add by manual
  • Support input from driveId or folderId of google drive
  • Support convert from facebook, google photo, youtube,, fembed, rapidvideo,any mp4 remote link, and m3u8 hls link
  • Full api support to add data and get link stream
  • Free update new version + fix error
  • Lifetime support 24/7
  • Free move data and tool to new server in case of necessity
  • Support load balancer for big streaming systems
  • Support multi subtitles


500$ one time payment
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