RapidVideo Streaming Tool

This is good tool help you upload and manage video at https://rapidvideo.com easier and safer with full api


  • Convert video from google drive or mp4 direct link to https://rapidvideo.com
  • Auto upload + check die + reupload + get link embed video to https://rapidvideo.com
  • Output is link embed of https://rapidvideo.com
  • Upload random + multi account
  • Guaranteed your video alive at https://rapidvideo.com, any link die will be reupload immediately
  • Support create many clones of a video, change md5 with each clone
  • Soft api support to create clone for each video
  • Very fast convert, 1 day can convert 2K files
  • Can run on vps only 10$
  • Full api support to input file and get link embed
  • Fast setup, about 15 min you will can use it
  • Support input from driveId or folderId of google drive
  • Support convert from facebook, google photo, youtube, ok.ru, fembed, rapidvideo, and any mp4 remote link, and m3u8 hls link
  • Free update new version + fix error
  • Lifetime support 24/7
  • Free move data and tool to new server in case of necessity
  • Support load balancer for big streaming systems
  • Admin to manage clear and simple


200$ one time payment
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