Use WinSCP to login SSH and SFTP to VPS (server)

If you want restart tools or edit anything about player of VanLong Stream then you need a tool to login ssh and sftp to vps

I recommend use WinSCP

After download and setup it, it will be like below picture

Enter host name is VPS IP and other info to login VPS

After login VPS we will see like below picture

Now press Ctrl+P to open putty terminal, if you not yet setup putty before, please setup it at then try Ctrl + P again to open terminal

Now terminal ask password, please copy password then click terminal then right-mouse-click (paste) then press Enter to login VPS (Note: right-mouse-click is paste to terminal)

Now everything is ready, if you want restart tool please copy all commands in blog then paste to terminal then done

Any support please contact me!